Our Values

Creating Bonds That Last Forever

Make lifelong friends and thrive in a community founded on support, encouragement, and mental wellbeing. Our events facilitate shared camaraderie through teamwork and bonding as you conquer some of the most intense physical challenges together with others who share your passion for adventure and mental wellness. You’ll create lasting relationships based on experiences and memories that will be treasured forever.


Our efforts at creating a better planet would be futile if we didn’t consider the impact that our events could have on our planet. We seek to create a minimised carbon footprint with each race and global challenge by promoting sustainability in all that we do. This includes reducing waste at events, eliminating use of disposable cups, setting up filling stations to promote use of reusable water bottles, and partnering with vendors that also show care for the planet by using local resources that benefit our communities.

Give Back To Your Community

We support Mental Health charities and offer the option to enter our events at reduced rates by pledging to hit Fundraising targets for our partner charities like MIND. We need the help of our participants to reach and support as many people as possible, in order to create a better tomorrow for our brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling with mental health.