We Love Bringing People Together.

Our Conquer 24 series is so much more than just a race, bringing people together to compete in thrilling and supportive environments. Our events help you gain friendships for life and take part in an event that’s good for your physical and mental health. Whether you are a solo runner or part of a team, we are so confident that you will have an unforgettable experience that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee!

Solo Runners

Solo runners start with the main race at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours. They can have a support crew (we strongly recommend this due to the nature of the event) in their camping area but not on the route. They can stop for rests and food whenever they wish. Solo runners should always leave the course at the solo exit/entry point or risk the timing system missing a lap and you becoming disqualified. Solo runners may wish to consider starting later if they have a target in mind, want to avoid the busy early laps or if it’s hot, this is fine as your chip will pick up when you start. i.e. You may have a target of 10 laps and prefer to start running at 6.00pm as you are confident 18 hours is enough time.

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Pairs And Teams 

At 12 when the main event starts only one team member from your team will be at the start line ready to go, the aim of the game is to run as many laps as possible within 24 hours choosing which team member will start each lap. You cannot use runners not registered in your team on the course. Always exchange runners at the exchange Zone at the start and finish or you risk the timing system missing you and possible disqualification. Always enter the course at the exchange zone or you risk disqualification ( No exceptions). You do not have to have someone on the course at all times, teams can take a break and resume later in the race. Each team member can run as many laps consecutively as you wish just make sure when your ready to change over you exit and enter at the Exchange Zone.

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Team Captains.

The most important role in your team is the Team Captain. They will probably be the person that entered the team and they have the responsibility of ensuring all team members are aware of the rules and in particular the health and safety aspects of the event. They may manage the team on the day but if they are running they may prefer to allocate someone else, possibly a non-runner to manage the team at the event.

It’s important to have someone managing the run schedule and checking everyone is OK, you should also allocate a deputy to cover for sleep breaks. It’s not unusual for captains to be walking around with a clipboard and radio making sure everyone knows when to eat, sleep and run.

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Laps & Breaks.

You can take a break anytime you like but always leave/enter the course at the correct point. You can carry on and do more than one lap or handover to your partner or team member. Only one member of a team must be on the course at any time*. Team and solo runners do not have to be on the route for the whole 24 hours. You can take a break and resume the race when you are ready.

* The one exception to this is at the end of your final runner’s lap there is an access point approx 100m before the finish where team members can join their final runner for a team finish. Please be aware of solo runners as they may still be racing.

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The Exchange Zone

Please remember to enter and exit the course at the exchange zone or you will miss out on-chip times being recorded and risk yourself or if you are part of a team the whole team could be disqualified. If when you go to exchange your runner is not there (it happens) we suggest you carry on and do another lap. The exchange area is always busy please stay away from this area unless waiting to exchange.

Only runners are permitted in the exchange area. To be fair to everyone please do not enter the exchange unless you are a runner waiting to exchange, this includes team members not running, team captains, family and children. We will be checking this and disqualify teams ignoring this rule because it affects everyone else’s race.

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